What Type Of Closet Organization Is The Best?

Most women have problems deciding what the best method is for organizing clothing in their closet. The main methods are by outfit, color, or classification. If you suffer the same predicament or if you haven’t yet discovered the best way to organize your closet, then read on.

1. The Outfit Approach

Most women prefer to organize their closets by outfits since it makes it easy for them to choose what to wear in the morning. However, this approach is less than ideal since it is a bit too limiting. When you arrange your closet by outfit, you will have difficulties mixing and matching what you already have to discover new approaches of making your wardrobe work. In addition, your closet will appear unkempt and disorganized in spite of the fact that it is properly organized since there is no obvious semblance of order.

2. The Color Approach

Organizing your closet on the basis of color creates a look of organization and helps you identify where you have items with too much duplication, the least color, and the most color. You might not notice all these until you actually organize it by color. The major benefit associated with organizing by color is that it is easier to identify duplication. However, organization by color only works best when complemented by organization by outfit and classification discussed below.

3. The Classification Approach

Organizing your closet by classification is probably the most popular way of organizing clothing in a closet. This is how most professional organizers actually organize their closets. A better approach is to actually group items by color as well from light to dark.

4. Color and Classification

Organizing your closet by color as well as classification has several benefits. First, it is easy to identify where you have too much or too little of a particular color, print, or pattern. However, organizing your closet this way means that your outfit choices will not be as readily obvious as when organized by outfits. A possible solution to this is keeping a photograph or record of the different outfits and keeping it on hand.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your closet by all the approaches discussed above can work. In addition, each approach has it benefits and drawbacks. To answer the question, there is really no wrong or right way to organize your closet. However, if you did not have a preferred approach to organizing your closet, consider using the approaches discussed in this article.

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