The Benefits Of Shutters

If you are looking for coverings for your windows, you should definitely consider installing
shutters. Not only are they attractive, but they offer several benefits that other window
coverings cant match.

Temperature Control

Installing shutters on your windows will help control the temperature inside your home. They
block the suns warming rays in the summer and keep out cold drafts in the winter. This should
decrease your reliance on heaters and air conditioning, which can significantly lower your
electricity bills. Using less electricity is also good for the environment, so shutters are also the
eco-friendly choice for window coverings.

Other window covering options, especially sheer curtains, make it easy for people to see inside
your home. Not only does this violate your privacy, but it can also be unsafe, as thieves or other
criminals can see exactly who and what is in your house. Shutters offer the best privacy
protection, and there are even ways to let in light while maintaining privacy by adjusting youre
the tilt of your shutters.

Child Friendly

Even a child can figure out how to operate shutters, which is not the case with other window
coverings. Operating the strings on curtains and drapes can be difficult, and figuring out the
mechanism for opening or closing blinds can be confusing for younger family members. The
loose strings on window blinds can also pose a safety hazard for children and some pets. There
have been many cases of children and animals getting caught in and strangled by the strings
dangling from blinds.


Curtains fade in the sun, and blinds are notorious for breaking. Shutters last much longer than
either of these other window coverings. They will maintain their attractive appearance for
years, meaning you dont have to worry about replacing them as often as you would have to
replace blinds or drapes. If you purchase high-quality shutters and have them installed by a
reputable company, you may never need to replace them. This can save you money on
replacements costs over the life of your home.

Allergy Friendly

It is next to impossible to dust blinds without bending or breaking them. And curtains and
drapes are dust magnets. If you suffer from dust allergies, either of these window coverings will
be sure to keep you sneezing. Shutters, however, are easy to dust. Just wipe them clean to
eliminate those annoying dust allergens.

Better Sleep

How many times have the suns rays woken you too early on a weekend morning? Even if you
have curtains, the sun still finds a way to filter through them. You wont have this problem after
you install shutters on your windows. Shutters keep out more light than any other window
treatment, so you can catch up on your sleep without being disturbed by early morning

Timeless Style

The simplicity of shutters gives them a timeless style that will not become dated. You wont
have to worry about changing design trends because shutters have never gone out of style. You
cant say the same for curtains, which fade and become outdated within a few years.

So, save yourself some money and headache in the long run, and consider installing shutters
when you are choosing window treatments.

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