Making Your Garden Safer With Artificial Grass For Dogs

The houses we live in are so much more than just bricks and mortar, they are our homes, our solace from the rest of the world, our respite, and sanctuary that we share with our families and this often includes pets, too.

In our homes, we provide ourselves, our partners, children and pets with shelter, warmth, and love in every way that we possibly can. We offer love, care, and guidance as well as a comfortable and warm bed, food, water and entertainment. In short, our pets are every bit as important to our families as we are.

Part of being a parent and pet owner involves keeping them safe from harm at all times. Whether this is ensuring they eat all their meals and stay hydrated, ensuring they get plenty of rest, dont run in the road and giving them medical attention when required, we do this out of love.

Making sure our homes are a safe and loving environment for our children and pets is second nature, but just how easy is it to extend this into our gardens? The dangers that are present in the outdoor world can be numerous, but with the right control measures in place, these are easy to overcome.

We have put together some of the easiest ways to ensure your gardens and outdoor space are just as safe as inside your home.

  • Ensure you have a secure gate that is able to keep your pets and children in the garden and remember to keep it locked at all times when your loved ones are outdoors
  • Remove any objects that can injure or cause harm gardening tools such as secateurs, spades, forks and lawn mowers.
  • Keep any chemicals and pesticides locked in a shed and out of reach
  • Get rid of thistles and weeds for good with artificial grass for dogs, cats and especially children this is one more threat eliminated!
  • Ensure any flowers, trees or plants that you have planted are not noxious or poisonous towards humans or animals. There are certain flowers that can cause great harm to animals that you might otherwise think are safe
  • Ensure your decking or patio area are safe and secure, with no loose slabs or slats that could cause a trip or a fall or worse allow your pet to get stuck in!
  • Dont leave hosepipes lying around where they can cause an accident. Keep out of reach of children and pets that can easily get tangled up
  • Ensure the entryway to your home is secure a gust of wind could slam it shut, and this could cause a serious injury should a pet or child get caught in it

Keeping your home and garden as safe as possible when it comes to your loved ones human or otherwise should be your priority. You can do so with ease thanks to these handy tips!