What Extra Security Is In Place For Trump Now He Is President?

Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election in November security for him and his family has increased. This has increased substantially again now that he has become president. Some of the ways that this has been increased is discussed below.

Secret Service
The number of Secret Service agents that have been assigned to protect Donald Trump could be as high as 920. They will be based in Washington as well as in his home city of New York. Some of these agents will be assigned to stay with Trump 24 hours a day wherever he is in the world. They will work in shifts so that he is protected at all times.

New York Police Department
The NYPD will have to take some responsibility for protecting Melania and Barron Trump as they will be remaining in New York until the summer. This will mainly be related to external security at Trump Tower. If Donald Trump does travel to New York every weekend as he has previously said he intends to then there will also be road closures for them to deal with.

Changes To Travel Routes
There are also some changes that will need to be made to travel routes around New York City. All flights in and out of LaGuardia that would normally fly over Trump Tower will have to be diverted. The subway that runs below his home will also need to be fortified which will be a permanent change. The redirecting of the flights will also continue to happen as long as he is president and not only when he is in New York.

Protection For The Whole Family

Donald Trump has a much larger immediate family than any other president in recent history. There are eighteen members in all which includes his four adult children and spouses if they have one along with eight grandchildren. Secret Service agents will be assigned to every member of his family and it has been some time since they have had to protect adult children of a president.

Changes To His Homes
Donald Trump has properties all over America and all of these will have to have extra security measures put into place. The windows will have to be replaced with bullet proof glass and a safe room will have to be built. An extensive CCTV network will also be need to set up at every property.

The cost of all this protection is mostly met by the tax payer. The cost is thought to amount to over $2 million a day. It is fair to say that Donald Trump is not a particularly popular president so the cost of this protection does rile some people, especially given his large personal wealth. However, this level of protection would have been given to anyone who was elected into office and as president it is something that he is entitled to.