Constructing The Perfect Home By The Beach

A lot of people love to take some time off to get out of town. That’s especially the case during summertime. The best season for heading to the beach! So isn’t having a house by your favourite sandy area worth considering? Imagine the convenience of a second home, where you’ve got plenty of room and everything you need for a vacation. That would no longer require being somebody else’s guest or squeezing in hostels or beach houses. No more limited number of days or weeks staying somewhere.

Of course, building a house means having quite some savings in the bank. That needs to be taken care of before anything. But say you already have the means to do so and want to. The first question to ask is, ‘Where would I love hanging around for the summer/a long vacation?’ Once you’ve figured that out, next would be, ‘What are the must-haves for my house?’ Common items include a detached garage, a mini-playground for your kids (if there isn’t any nearby), a gym and an outdoor pool (while you could just hit the beach, this can be a real suntrap at home). You may also consider adding solar electric panels to help bring down your energy bills, especially with the sun constantly out.

There is something else we recommend you install for your home, an air-powered lift. This is the kind that can be set up in a matter of days without additional construction. These cutting-edge home elevators made by Airlevator are assembled in any multi-level building by simply inserting the transparent pneumatic cylinder in between floors. They are made of self-supporting tubes, each containing a lift car controlled by a suction assembly. They don’t require the large space or bulky materials and chemicals that traditional elevators do. They consume a minimal amount of energy (mainly for just going up) and serve as convenient and futuristic-looking alternatives to stairs. Easy to construct, use and maintain, what more could you ask for in an elevator?

When it comes to design, you can surely draw inspiration from Lesley Richardson’s self-build home in Cornwall. The house is made up of two storeys and three bedrooms. It has a wonderful view of Holywell Bay and the stunning rocky island where the TV show Jamaica Inn was filmed. The material for construction was timber frame from Travis Perkins. Lesley notes how having the outer skin rendered on the ground floor and the upper storey clad in Western Red cedar ‘offers a beautiful contrast’. She describes the feel of the master room as ‘boudoir’ with its ensuite tiled with a raised patterned surface. Built outside are a pond and an archway, serving as the link between the front and back areas.

Indeed, Lesley’s home looks like an ideal getaway from a bustling working life in the city. Her guests mostly come from Manchester, and what she loves about the self-build is ‘being so close to the beach and having space for when friends and family visit’. Striking the balance between a contemporary style, visual appeal and convenience for many is what makes up a home perfect for recreation.