What Are Window Treatments And What Are My Options?

As outside temperatures rise during summer months and plunge during the winter, homeowners may notice drafts around their windows. Windows, especially if they are single-pane, are big exchangers of heat, allowing interior warmth to be sucked out and inviting exterior sunlight in. This can make a home uncomfortably hot or cold and cause homeowners to lose money. Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable window treatments for those who donât want to rack up their heating and cooling bills.

The way window treatments work is relatively simple: they help provide extra insulation to windows by blocking the glass and trapping air and light. In this way, they help keep a heated house warm by preventing air from escaping through windows, and keep homes cool by keeping sunlight and excess heat from entering.

The simplest options are ones that donât involve an installation of anything; they are DIY and donât require a professional to make a visit to a home. This means that they are also relatively cost-efficient â no need to shell out hundreds of dollars before starting to save.

Examples of these options include curtains and blinds; these can be easily found for an appropriate price and arenât difficult to put up. You may already have them in your home. Curtains, in particular, are a great way to conserve heat because they effectively block the air escaping around a window. You can increase a curtainâs ability to insulate based on its color, fabric, and size â and there are certain ways to increase it even more at home, by hanging curtains from the ceiling or sealing them to the wall with tape. Blinds are another way to insulate windows. However, because they have individual slats and are thinner, they may be more effective at blocking heat during summer months and keeping the house cool than insulating during the winter.

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Another window treatment option is installing shutters. Shutters are particularly good insulators because they are made of thick material such as wood or plastics and are typically installed on the inside wall of a house rather than the exterior. If they are well-installed and well-made, shutters can cut heat transferal of a window by half. Because of this, they are particularly good choices for home insulation.

Yet another cheap and easily installed window treatment option is buying window films. These are essentially large stickers that adhere directly to the glass, blocking heat transfer as well as helping to manage light levels inside a house. Like blinds, they may be more effective at keeping rooms cool during summer months than stopping heat loss during the winter, since they block sunlight effectively but canât always keep heat in, as they donât cover the seal between the window and the wall.

Windows are definitely a big source of heat loss, but thankfully, there are plenty of window treatment options for every kind of home and every kind of budget.

Why Interior Blinds Are The Right Option For Your Kitchen

In the past, few people would have ever thought about shutters on the inside of the home. Shutters were designed to protect the home from the elements. About 500 years ago glass was in short demand, so the majority of homes used wooden shutters to help keep the home livable. During this time shutters were mainly used to keep excess air, light, and the elements out of the home. Over the course of time, shutters would improve and become more of an aesthetic element than anything else. Many people who are considering interior shutters simply like them for their look, unaware of the many benefits that come with them. Let’s take a few moments to better understand why you need interior blinds in your home, specifically your kitchen. read more here.

As you are well aware, the kitchen is typically the wettest and messiest room outside of the bathroom. If you have ever tried to hang a nice pair of curtains in the kitchen, you know it is a losing battle to try and keep them clean. The vast majority of interior shutters are designed in a way to keep them from cracking, splitting, and warping in these high-humidity areas. In fact, to keep these shutters looking their best, all that is required is a quick weekly dusting with a damp cloth.

It goes without saying that no matter how careful we are in the kitchen, it is still not the best place for those who are accident prone. All it take is one splatter of grease or the shortest of sparks to set a pair of kitchen curtains ablaze. Having interior shuttles will help ease that one worry about cooking in the kitchen as many that are manufactured are flame retardant.

Other safety features include the noticeable lack of dangling cords. Anyone with small children or pets knows the benefits of not having any cords hanging from the windows. Sadly, almost one child dies each month in this country due to strangulation from window blind cords.

Finally, interior window blinds are one of the best ways to customize the look of your kitchen. Whether you are looking for a country look or an ultra modern look, you can have interior blinds custom made. These types of shutters will give your home the look you desire as well as lasting years.

There are so many choices and options available for your home and kitchen, which is going to be the right choice for you?

What Type Of Closet Organization Is The Best?

Most women have problems deciding what the best method is for organizing clothing in their closet. The main methods are by outfit, color, or classification. If you suffer the same predicament or if you haven’t yet discovered the best way to organize your closet, then read on.

1. The Outfit Approach

Most women prefer to organize their closets by outfits since it makes it easy for them to choose what to wear in the morning. However, this approach is less than ideal since it is a bit too limiting. When you arrange your closet by outfit, you will have difficulties mixing and matching what you already have to discover new approaches of making your wardrobe work. In addition, your closet will appear unkempt and disorganized in spite of the fact that it is properly organized since there is no obvious semblance of order.

2. The Color Approach

Organizing your closet on the basis of color creates a look of organization and helps you identify where you have items with too much duplication, the least color, and the most color. You might not notice all these until you actually organize it by color. The major benefit associated with organizing by color is that it is easier to identify duplication. However, organization by color only works best when complemented by organization by outfit and classification discussed below.

3. The Classification Approach

Organizing your closet by classification is probably the most popular way of organizing clothing in a closet. This is how most professional organizers actually organize their closets. A better approach is to actually group items by color as well from light to dark.

4. Color and Classification

Organizing your closet by color as well as classification has several benefits. First, it is easy to identify where you have too much or too little of a particular color, print, or pattern. However, organizing your closet this way means that your outfit choices will not be as readily obvious as when organized by outfits. A possible solution to this is keeping a photograph or record of the different outfits and keeping it on hand.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your closet by all the approaches discussed above can work. In addition, each approach has it benefits and drawbacks. To answer the question, there is really no wrong or right way to organize your closet. However, if you did not have a preferred approach to organizing your closet, consider using the approaches discussed in this article.

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Benefits Of Ethically Sourced Hardwood Shutters


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If you are building or remodeling, it is important that you make sound choices for your building materials and style. One option that bears further investigation is the use of ethically sourced hardwood shutters for one or more rooms in the building. You will discover multiple benefits as a result of this choice.

First of all, shutters are a fantastic choice of window covering that will enhance the aesthetic value of your home. You can have them customized so that you will be able to appreciate the views from your home and have the privacy that transforms a house into a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Shutters have been around since the times of ancient Greece, when they were created from marble and used to minimize the harsh Mediterranean winds for the wealthiest of residents. Today, they are affordable enough for every homeowner and can even be financed in with your purchase or remodel loan. No other window covering has that available!

Today, you can use your shutters to control the amount of air and light entering your home or office building. During the summer, you can adjust them so you have plenty of light when needed without it landing directly on your property. Over time, direct sunlight can damage the material in your furniture and decorations. The proper setting on your hardwood shutters will prevent that from occurring.

You can also open your windows and the shutters to allow fresh air to flow through your entire building. Afterwards, you can seal them shut again and even close the shutters entirely so nobody can see inside.

Although shutters are great in and of themselves, you will be significantly more satisfied with your purchase if you choose ethically sourced hardwood for the material. This way you will know that the people and the habitats involved with the production were treated fairly. As many producers will overwork and underpay workers while exposing them and the materials to toxins, it is vital that people in the modern world begin to make a stand and focus on ethically sourced products when possible.

By making the decision that you are going to use ethically sourced materials, you are contributing to the message that lives matter and that the planet matters. If you do this in all areas of your life, you are contributing a powerful voice to the future of industry in this world.

Building or remodeling a building requires careful consideration of techniques and products. Hardwood shutters are a durable window treatment that will benefit your home now and in the future. You should investigate the options provided by your contractor so you can select a high-quality hardwood that was sourced ethically.

Then, you can make your selections, including louver size and whether the wood should be stained or painted. Once the shutters are installed, you will appreciate everything that they contribute to the beauty and energy efficiency of your home. You can enjoy them for many years to come!

Have Help Selecting Between Curtains Or Window Shutters


Redoing the inside of the home can be a challenge because you need to make a choice between curtains or shutters on your windows. The reason this is going to be a challenge is you will need to weigh in on several factors to make sure you make the proper choice on the item you want to have. With that being the case, here are some of the items that you should consider to make sure you select the right curtain or shutter for your window.

Natural light is a major factor that is going to help determine the selection of the shutters or the curtains. Curtains have a tendency to filter out the light, but still allows some in depending on how shear the curtain material is. However, if the curtains are opened up they can allow in more light, but still have some filtering impact.

Shutters will end up having a filtering affect of the light, but it will also be able to allow the light to come in with the slats being adjusted properly. For example, if the slots are opened up all the way they will let in a lot of light, while still blocking the view of people looking in. However, if they are closed they will keep all of the light blocked out, which can make it easier for people to sleep in the middle of the day.

Privacy Factors

This is another aspect that was touched upon in the first portion covering light and that is the fact that privacy with the curtains is not going to be as high as the shutters. The shutters when they are completely closed will cover up all the window and keep the window openings to a limited amount. This in turn means people are not able to look in and see anything. Even with the shutters turned to being opened a little bit, it generally is going to block out most of the viewing that peepers could have into the home.

With curtains, they are going to need to be closed completely and if they are going to provide the right amount of privacy they would have to be very dark and not allow any light through them. So this is going to make the entire room feel darker, but a little bit more private. However, blocking out the natural light is going to make it a little bit more depressing for people.

When people are looking at the different window coverings they are going to find they will want to have some help narrowing down their choice. This means people may want to have some help deciding between getting curtains or window shutters. By knowing about a couple of the main things to consider, it will be easier for people to make their choice. The main things to consider, are the amount of light and privacy that people want to have. This will make it easier for people to have a great time because they can finally select the right window treatment.

Dress Up Your Property With Window Shutters

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your property, then a good set of window shutters could be the option. They can completely change the face of your home’s exterior – making it look more charming, quaint, imposing or luxurious, depending on the type of shutter that you choose.

Window Shutters for Period Properties

If you live in a period property, then you will need to think carefully about the type of shutter that you get. Most people, in most areas, won’t need to get planning permission to fit shutters as long as they are in fitting with the style of other properties in the area. The people that are going to need to get planning permission are typically those who live in more specialist properties such as:

Period properties
Barn conversions
Conservation areas
Areas with very active resident’s associations

If you live in a period property, it’s a good idea to try to purchase shutters that were made for that style of property. You can probably find some at an architectural reclaimers’ store that will suit your home. If you can’t get actual reclaimed shutters, then at least try to get some made from reclaimed wood that is of the right type and from the right era, so that it has a slightly weathered look – even if you treat and paint it, having it look in fitting with the rest of the property will make all the difference.

Window Shutters for Conservation Areas

If you live in a conservation area, then again, you will need to pick shutters that suit the property and the area. Many local authorities have strict rules about what you are allowed to do with properties in such areas – so you may be allowed to have natural wood shutters, or aluminum core shutters with a wood coating, but you would not be allowed modern looking aluminum shutters, or shutters made of waterproof vinyl, because they simply don’t match the look of the rest of the properties in the area. There may be other considerations too, such as:

The carbon footprint associated with making the shutters.
How energy efficient the shutters are.
How easily the shutters could be disposed of, if necessary – can the materials be recycled?

Caring for Window Shutters

Your shutters will be exposed to the elements 24/7, so it is important that they are well made and that you take good care of them. Modern aluminum and vinyl
shutters are generally quite easy to clean and take care of – if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do maintenance little and often then you will find that they hold up quite well. Wood shutters need more care, and will need weather treated every couple of years (or every year, depending on the wood and treatment that you use), but they can still last for decades, or longer, if you are diligent with your maintenance work, so they are well worth it.