Why Is My Above Ground Pool Dirty?

So Youve bought an above ground pool from Amazon or some other e-tailor for the summer. Youve got a great deal and youre all raring to go. Youve even bought a filter and chlorinator to eliminate dirt and harmful bacteria. You cant wait to see the kids faces when they finally get a chance to have a dip in the pool.

But you still notice dirt clinging to the floor and walls. Red alert.

What do you do next? Do you jump in there with brush and goggles, or drain all the water and wait for hours until it disappears then scrub the pool? Then wait for hours or maybe even a day until the water fills back up and actually starts to warm up?

Or how about getting a cleaner and Im not talking about a person to do the actual work for you. On the Design Si site I just came across a great article about Polaris pool cleaners. These are automatic pool cleaners that have a suction port and scrubbing brushes built into them. They actually have inbuilt vacuums!

Swimming pool vacuums are a perfect way to clean your swimming pool with as little hassle as possible. There are some vacuums that might likewise be considered manual; however, there are others that are entirely automatic, called robotic pool vacuums.

If offered the opportunity, most aboveground swimming pool owners would choose to have automated cleaning solutions. Unless you like to spend your evenings or weekends neck deep in water scrubbing for all your worth.

Whether you are interested in cleaning your pool manually or using, automatic cleaners, you are advised to do quickly after you install your pool. The longer that your swimming pool goes without cleaning; the more difficult it will be to clean. That is why it is recommended that you have a sufficient quantity of pool cleansing products or devices on hand.

It is also unhygienic to let your pool go without regular cleaning. Like a car it does not operate efficiently without regular service intervals. Not many people want to swim in a pool cloudy with dirt and floating objects. A clean pool will also enhance your backyard and above ground pools can be very fancy indeed these days, with decking, pool lighting and of course surrounded by your gardens landscaping and loungers etc.

The last thing you would want to see is a pool that looks more like a toxic dump than a place of fun and leisure.

Security With Home Automation In Jacksonville And Crescent Beach, Fl

Home security with home automation in Jacksonville and Crescent Beach, FL is a great way to protect your home against burglars. Unfortunately, over 1,000,000 homes are broken into each year, that’s about 2,600 a day! Burglaries are actually a very common attack on your home and family, but home security with home automation can be one thing you can use to help keep you and your family protected. There are also a few other things you can do to keep yourself safe. Make Wise Decisions

Don’t tell or show strangers that you are alone or going out of town. Have your neighbors or a family friend pick up your newspapers, take out your trash, and even mow your grass. These things are common for what burglars look at when casing a house.

Make sure to have your friend or neighbor also check your door. Remove any flyers, business cards, or trash cluttering up the front door. Also make sure if you do discuss your plans with someone you trust, that the information isn’t overheard by a passerby.

Be Careful Of What You Do

Try not to post your plans all over your social media where anyone can see them. This is how a lot of burglars get the information they need to burglarize your home. Don’t share vacation photos until you are back from your trip, and make sure not to use check-in’s on your phone. This let’s everyone see where you are and that you are definitely not home.

Security Is Important

Make sure all the doors and windows are locked and secured. Don’t leave your tools, ladders, and equipment out in the open for thieves to have easy access to. Make sure to take precautions with glass doors, and large windows, adding special films that absorb shocks, impacts, and damage will help add a level of security to your house. Make sure to activate your home security with home automation, if you have an alarm system.

Don’t Leave Things In An Easy Spot

Whether having your tools and ladders laying around that thieves can use to burglarize the house, or steal, or leaving expensive electronics, jewelry, and antiques by windows can be a cause for alarm. By having them close to an opening, thieves can easily see what you have and can test out the safety of your home.

Leaving things in view of windows invites thieves to begin watching your home, testing your security, and casing your house. Making sure you are protected with a home security with home automation can be the difference of being burglarized, or being safe.

What Are The Best Air Purifier For Allergies Available In The Market?

There are a total of 40 million individuals in USA alone that are quite adversely affected by allergies. Whether you are in your car, home or office, you come in direct contact with microscopic irritants invisible to our eyes, and which cause much harm to our health then we realize.

Air purifiers for allergies ensure that contaminants  and allergens are kept away from entering our dwelling places and workspaces. Let’s take a look at two of the top of the line products to help us in our time of need:

QuietPure Home Air Purifier

Air purifier for allergies are often noisy and cause discomfort. This is where QuietPure has stepped in. The device is quieter, and cleanses more air than many brands out there. The device supports intelligent monitors that are able to count actual particles, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) levels, relative humidity, and even temperature.

Additionally, the QuietPure is capable of quickly adapting itself in accordance with its surroundings. It easily matches performance and operations to suit the change in the air and to react with appropriate measures to ensure a healthy environment at home and at office. Features included in the device are:

  • Wi-Fi enabled, real time air quality monitoring
  • 3 stages—multi-purpose filtration including pre-filters, HEPA, and Activated-Carbon Cartridge
  • Capacity of 880 square feet

Blueair Pro L Air Purifier

The Blueair PRO L is one of the finest air purifer for allergies and is recommended for a coverage area of 780 square feet. It is also one of the most ultra-silent devices, able to draw in air into the purifier with its state-of-the-art fan. Although on the higher side of the price range, it offers additional remarkable features, including:

  • Odor Control and Particle Remover.
  • Five air changes per hour for a room with coverage of 780 square feet.
  • Two air changes per hour for maximum room coverage of 1,837 square feet.
  • Indicator for filter replacement.
  • Automated Air Intelligence, optional module
  • Three fan speeds
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Easy customization through filter kits which are carbon-based
  • Internal ionizer—zero ozone emissions
  • Enhanced HEPA filter—Captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.1 microns


Installing proper air filtrations in our homes is essential for ensuring a healthy indoor air quality and living environment. Without proper air filtration, our homes will become a breeding ground for various illness and diseases.

QuietPure and Blueair Pro L are two top of the line products that provide quality filtration ensuring a safer and healthier indoor environment by combating allergens to the maximum capacity. Both products are highly-rated and recommended as the best air purifier for allergies usable in both commercial and residential places.



5 Ways To Effectively Clean Your Carpet Using A Steam Vacuum

After the exciting summer season is over, you may be concerned about the dirt on your carpets and floors. To protect yourself and your family from the risk of various diseases and viruses, it is very important to get your indoor atmosphere cleaned. It is also essential to get rid of any stains and marks on your carpets and floors to give them a cleaner look. However, removing stains and getting rid of dust on the carpets is not easy. This is why the use of steam vacuum cleaners is becoming very popular.

Before learning how to use a steam vacuum to clean your carpets, it is very important to understand what exactly steam cleaning is. It is a unique method of using water and dry chemicals to clean the surface of carpets as well as within its deeper layers. The hot water, combined with chemicals and various cleaning agents, helps in getting rid of dust, stains and odor. If you do not have a steam cleaner, you can also hire professionals to do it for you or get the equipment on rent.

Here are some useful techniques to apply in order to clean your carpet using a steam vacuum in a more effective manner:

1.     Remove the Furniture

To effectively clean your carpet, it is necessary to get rid of any and all the furniture placed upon it. Anything placed on the carpet will ultimately cause problems in completely removing stains and dirt. Also, by moving your furnishings away from the carpet, you can protect them from hot water and other chemicals as well.

2.     Clean the Baseboards Properly

This is the most important thing when learning how to clean your carpets. Make sure that you have a clean floor before putting your carpet back on it after it is cleaned if you have removed it. If it is going to remain in the same position, take it up and clean the floor first, then begin with carpet cleaning.

3.     Prepare Your Steam Vacuum

Getting your steam vacuum ready to do its job is very important. Read all instructions if you have not already so you know exactly how it works for the best cleaning.

4.     Mix the Solution Well

The next step in effectively cleaning your carpet with a steam vacuum is to mix the cleaning solution with hot water. Take a good quality detergent and pour it on the floor. Keep adding water to your carpet. Avoid adding too much soap as it will ruin the quality and texture of your carpet. Follow the directions on the detergent to avoid mixing too much water as well. Each cleaning solution requires a different ratio of water and detergent.

5.     Start from the Furthest Section

Be very careful when cleaning your carpet using steam. If done ineffectively, it can damage your carpet and make it appear ugly. Clean in straight lines and make sure that you do not miss any area. Ideally, you should clean from the farthermost spot in a straight vertical line.

6.     Leave It to Dry

Once you are done with cleaning your carpet, you should let it dry. Give it at least 2 hours to completely dry. Do not put furniture or anything else on the carpet during this time. It is very important to let the material air out completely. Do not step on the carpet barefoot right after the cleaning as it will damage the fabric.

What Are Appliance Repair Costs?

Youve probably arrived at this page to get appliance repair related information and answers. If this is the case, then you have come to the right place. One of the questions our readers have been asking is, How Much does an Appliance Repair Cost?

Basically, the costs of appliance repair vary significantly depending on the company doing the repair, the type of appliance, the repair type, the severity of the damage and your geographic location.

Based on a recent survey that was conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average cost for refrigerator repair , washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair and dishwasher repair is around $170.

Most appliance technicians calculate their repair rates using different criteria. Some of them charge by the hour and type of spare parts used. When choosing a professional appliance service company, always ask them how they calculate their fees and whether their quote includes parts, labor and the service fee.

Depending on the company, hourly rates range between $50 and $150. The reason for these high rates is that a small appliance can take few minutes or a few hours to repair. Another thing to keep in mind is that companies that specialize in the repair and maintenance of major appliances charge a flat labor rate regardless of the extent of damage or the amount of work done.

There are several ways to save money on appliance maintenance or repair. One of them is to group appliances together. Another way is to hire a local contractor to do the repair because they charge less compared to contractors from other states. You can also save money by working with reputable companies because they will solve the problem once and for all.

Questions you should ask appliance service companies before hiring one;

What is the call out charge?

If hired, is call out charge dispensed with.

Can they give an estimate based on your appliance details prior to scheduling a call?

Do they have emergency out of hours appointments available?

If an appointment is made to schedule a repair, will they call when agreed and confirm when on their way?

Are they covered for any damage they might cause to your appliance?

Is the technician certified and experienced in your particular appliance?

Are parts and labor guaranteed, if so how long is guarantee for?

Can they supply referrals?

The above list is the most common questions which should be asked.

What Is The Lifespan Of My Refrigerator?

One of the questions some of our readers have been asking since January of this year is, “What is the lifespan of my refrigerator?” They want to know how long their refrigerators can last. Read on to find out more.

Standard refrigerators and freezers usually last between 10 to 18 years under normal conditions with an average life expectancy of 14 years. The lifespan of compact refrigerators is shorter, ranging from 4 to 12 with a life expectancy of 8 years. These figures are from the report released during the 23rd annual portrait of the U.S. appliance industry.

How to extend the lifespan of your fridge

From the reports above, you will now begin to realize that the lifetime of refrigerators is quite extensive. You can prolong the lifespan and reduce the cost of any appliance repair by following these maintenance tips and ideas.

1. Clean the door seals

To completely seal the door gasket, check if the rubber is torn or loose. If the seal is damaged or loose, then this causes the fridge to work harder and wastes energy shortening its lifespan. Always clean the gasket with warm water to remove any dirt. Also, check the seal for tears and replace it there is any.

2. Give it room to breathe

Your home appliances do not function adequately or efficiently if there is no airflow on all sides. Therefore, you shouldn’t place large objects adjacent counters and cabinets or heavy objects on top of the fridge. Constant air circulation can prevent unnecessary breakdowns thus minimizing the cost of appliance repair.

3. Clean the Coils

Condenser coils sometimes become caked with grime and dust. This dirt and dust will wear out your fridge compressor as well as raise your energy bills. Unplug the refrigerator to clean the coils at least thrice a year.

4. Level the fridge

A refrigerator just like other home appliances should sit flat on a level platform to maintain its stability. If yours swings from side to side, closing may be compromised resulting in a strained motor. If yours comes with adjustable feet, twist the adjustable feet until the fridge is perfectly level and secure.

Schedule refrigerator repair

When your fridge breaks down, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has become useless. You need to contact a technician to have it repaired. It is recommended you consider a reputable specialist who is a professional in refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair and other appliance repairs.

Top 3 In Room Air Conditioners

There are different types of air conditioners that are in use today but the two most common types are window units and portable ACs. Here, we will present the top 3 in room air conditioners from both categories and discuss companies that are famous all around the world for making excellent room air conditioners.

Top Window Unit ACs

Window unit ACs are often employed in rooms that have standard sized windows. These ACs are fitted with proper insulation and are completely fixed in place. They are usually cheaper when compared with portable units and are best when mobility is not an issue. Here are the top window unit ACs according to our research:

1.     Haier ESAQ406P

This is an excellent window unit AC that is easily able to cool a medium-sized room with considerable speed. It has an impressive energy efficiency ratio of 11.2 and a cooling capacity of over 6,000 BTUs. The series also has models with larger capacity but this model has the capacity to easily cool a room of over 250 square feet.

The Haier ESAQ406P has an efficient automatic system which is able to control the compressor and manage the cooling operation. It comes with an efficient remote control and also comes up with a timer.

2.     Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1

If you are looking for a compact window unit, then you can buy the Frigidaire FFRE0633Q1 model. It is also able to cool a room of around 250 square feet and has three cooling settings as well as fan speeds. This device is Energy Star qualified and has a great efficiency ratio. This window unit AC has passed stringent tests and it has one of the best quality compressors.

3.     Danby DAC060EUB5GDB

The Danby DAC060EUB5GDB window unit air conditioner is excellent and contains a wonderful dry mode which is able to reduce the humidity levels. It is however, a bit heaver in weight which makes it difficult to move during installation. This unit is amazing when it comes to efficiency as it has an EER of 12.1 which is the highest among these three models.

Top Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are normally fitted with wheels and they can easily be moved to different rooms. They require a small exhaust which can be fitted into any window. Here are the three portable models that are trending these days:

1.     Haier HPN12XCM

Haier HPN12XCM air conditioner is powerful and is also capable of working as an efficient dehumidifier. It offers a pleasant cooling experience. It has received many safety certifications and has a comprehensive design. It has a high BTU capacity of 12,000 and it is able to cool a large room of over 500 square feet. It is very convenient to use as it comes with a 5 feet exhaust hose.

2.     Friedrich P09B

The Friedrich Company is known for producing very efficient and durable air conditioners. The P09B model is no different in this regard and has a powerful dehumidifying capacity. It is able to cool a room of around 400 square feet. It has an automatic evaporation system which means that you do not have to constantly remove the dripping tray.

3.     Whynter ARC-12S

The Whynter ARC-12S has the highest EER of 11.1 among portable room air conditioners. It is very efficient and can easily cool a room of around 500 square feet. It also has a fan only mode to circulate air. It has a standard remote control and has a programmable timer installed in it.

These are the top 3 in room air conditioners from the two categories present in the market today. You should either select them or their series models for best results.


How Are One Cup Coffee Makers Different?


One cup or single cup coffee makers are quite a hit among most people around the world. For the most part, the reason is that unless it is a Sunday morning, we barely sit and sip a cup of coffee with anyone at home. This is where a single cup coffee maker comes in.

Single-Cup Coffee Makers

Although coffee making has been around for hundreds of years now, the coffee making machines are not that old. In fact, contemporary coffee makers only date back to as long as the mid-twentieth century. The reason why they rose to hype was that they allowed a better taste, and faster alternative to the people, which in today’s busy lifestyle, is nothing but a great ease.

What Sets These Coffee Makers Apart?

There are a lot of things about the single cup coffee makers that set them apart from the others. While brewing a pot is great, these machines may be more expensive but offer no wastage as only one cup is brewed at a time. Following are a few of the things you need to keep in mind while going for a single cup coffee maker.

Price and Additional Costs

One cup coffee makers tend to be comparatively more expensive than the other types. Furthermore, there are also some other costs associated with buying this coffee maker. For instance, you will need a pod or a capsule to use your coffee maker. However, you can save money by buying a bunch of these pods or capsules in bulk, which will also save you the time and effort to go buy one every time you run out of them.

The Cup Size

Different single-cup coffee makers offer different cup sizes to be used. For instance, taller machines will allow a wider variety of cups or mugs you can use to pour your coffee into.

User-Friendly Operations

There are so many alternatives for everything these days that people tend to move towards anything they find easier. This is the reason most of them prefer the one cup coffee makers. According to a research, the user friendliness of such coffee makers was among the top reasons for them being the personal preference of many.

Smarter features

Although most single cup makers only make coffee, if you look for the right one, it will come with several other options as well like making ice coffee or even tea. Moreover, these coffee makers can also help you brew drinks like hot chocolates among a variety of other beverages.

The Immaculate Taste

A single-cup coffee maker might not produce a lot of coffee, but whatever it produces is absolutely exquisite in taste. It is as if this coffee maker focuses more on the quality than the quantity.

In addition to that, once you are hooked onto the immaculate taste of coffee from a single-cup coffee maker, it is quite hard to move to a different type. In fact, these one cup coffee makers are one of the best coffee making machines that are available in the market right now.