The Benefits Of Purchasing Commercial Property For Sale Peterborough

Why buy commercial property for sale Peterborough? The city is becoming one of the most desirable places to do business in the UK. Its economy is bolstered by five high-performing industries including financial services, advanced manufacturing and engineering, digital and creative, food and drink and agri-tech, that enabled the city to withstand the global and national economic downturn with investor confidence intact.

Peterborough is highly accessible, with high-speed rail intercity services connecting the city to London with an estimated travel time to central London of 45 to 50 minutes. There is also direct train service to cities such as Birmingham, Leeds, Leicester, Cambridge and Newcastle. The A14, A1M and A47 let you go directly to Stanstead Airport as well as providing quick access to Felixstowe and Leeds ports.

Peterborough also boasts of some of the fastest Internet speeds in the world, provided by CORE, its pure fibre optic network that covers the entire city. CORE provides gigabit speeds as well as ultra-fast uploading and access to cloud computing services and remote data storage. The network offers tiered services designed for companies of all sizes, from the Gig500 that is designed for small businesses to the Gig+ with unlimited data and gigabit speed downloads and uploads.

The Millennium Green Wheel provides residents a safe and pleasant way to get travel around the city. It consists of a fifty-mile network of footpaths, cycleways and bridleways that provide a continuous and safe route around Peterborough. The route also features functional landscape artwork as well as local landscape features under the Living Landmarks project with features such as hedgerows, ponds and mini-woodlands.

Helping to attract new investors to the city is the ongoing 100 million North Westgate project. The project is centered on Westgate Church, which will be the site of a new city centre, and will include new restaurants and shops as well as an eight-screen multiplex. The redevelopment will also create a 100-room hotel, 120 city apartments with one, two and three bedrooms and new luxury office space. The increased space is seen to result in the creation of 1,500 new jobs. In addition, North Westgate will be pedestrian-friendly, with outdoor dining areas for restaurants and cafes helping to create an attractive outdoor space.

As a result of the city government initiatives to support economic growth, many large businesses have set up in Peterborough. A partial list includes major companies such as Mastercard Access Prepaid, Thomas Cook, Amazon, Siemens, Ikea and Precision Engineering. The growth in investment has helped the city become one of the biggest job generators in the UK. According to the research group Centre for Cities, Peterborough has more than doubled its employment over the past century. In 1911 there were a total of 21,278 jobs in the city; just over a century later this number had grown to 100,714.

Investing in commercial property for sale Peterborough offers an alternative to rising office costs and other living expenses in London. High-quality land and property are available at extremely competitive prices, offering outstanding value for money.